Club Penguin Historia (Repost)

historiaThis post was originally posted on October 11th, 2013 on Club Penguin Army Central.

On October 24th, Club Penguin will turn 8 years old. Pretty impressive for an MMO as the only other main MMO’s still alive that have lasted that long are Runescape and World of Warcraft. Though I have done research on the founding and backbone of this seemingly simple game, some people may not know the history of this. I am going to do a nice full history review of this game, it’s origins, and the paths it has taken. Consider this the Club Penguin version of the Hyrule Historia.

The Old Days

The best place to start is the very beginning. Back in 2000, when Blue1 was wearing Diapers, this named Lance Priebe decided to make a game called “Experimental Penguins.” The reason behind this game was so rsnail (Lance) could test flash 4 to see if it could handle multiplayer games. The game itself was simple. 4 rooms with a bunch of penguins. A version of the game had them wear Santa hats while Developers rode around in the Snow Trekker. The game shut down a Year After due to server costs. He wanted to get to work developing his new game as soon as he could but other groups asked him to work on their chat systems for games. In 2003 he returned to make Penguin chat, which had “lots of new features like emotes, chat balloons, depth sorting (you could walk behind an object), and the ability to throw snowballs.”

By 2004 over a million people had logged into Penguin Chat. Late that year rsnail had the idea to create a new safe place for kids online. He had 3 main challenges to overcome.

  1. How to build a server that could handle thousands of players? His current server could not handle more than 100 simultaneous connections.
  2. How do you make the world “safe”?
  3. How do you generate income? This game was going to be very expensive to operate.

2005 he began working on Penguin Chat 3 as a beta for Club Penguin and a way to test the Client and Server. He quoted in his blog post Experimenting with Penguins “I needed real users on real servers to make this game possible. Designing without feedback is dangerous.” At this time he was working for Dave Krysko (Skidder) Part-time for New Horizon Productions and was working on Club Penguin on Fridays. Early that year Lane Merrifield (aka Billybob) was hired for the company to help with sales. When Billybob found out about the idea, he encouraged Skidder to fast track the project and New Horizon Interactive was formed to make it.

Penguin Chat 3 and Pre-Disney

With Skidder letting rsnail work on Club Penguin full time, he needed a team to help him out. The First employee was Billybob, as he was the guy who got PC3 off the ground. The second was Chris Hendricks, better known as ScreenHog. ScreenHog drew and designed the Penguins, Clothes and furniture, along with composing the music, and programing mini-games. rsnail’s brother created the database and support tools remotely from Belize. Lance himself worked on developing the client and the server to run Club Penguin. He designed the rooms and secrets himself.

The Beta opened August 22nd, 2005 and Party Hats were released to encourage many people to log in all at once. As you can guess this is how parties began. On my 10th birthday, October 24th, 2005, Club Penguin was released. What was I doing that day? Hanging out with friends that I no longer talk to because they are druggies.

By March of the next year over 1 million people, some of which are our own Legends, had logged in. The same year Chris Giddeon (Polo Field) was hired as historian and became head of the media soon after. The game was expanding exponentially and the staff had grown to 100+ members. By 2007 the game was on the verge of collapse as costs were getting too high and the game was expanding beyond the group’s control. August 1st, 2007, Club Penguin Joined the Walt Disney company because of their experience and reputation for being Child Friendly.

The Era of Disney

In 2008, Disney had little involvement with the game until late October when Merchandise released. The next couple years Disney was in the background, with users believing their part in the game was making it more child safe and releasing Card Jitsu and more member stuff. Truth was Disney was just there. When the bought-out occurred the staff remained the same, and the only difference was Club Penguin was expanding. 2010 rsnail and ScreenHog retired from Club Penguin. rsnail went back to RocketSnail games and made it a blog while working on MechMice. ScreenHog joined HyperHippos, the company rsnail made, but still composes music for parties when asked.

In 2012 Disney started using Club Penguin more for advertising. First major example would be the “Mark your mark Ultimate Jam” party, which had the first Club Penguin Single and had CeCe and Rocky from “Shake it Up” on there. October 2012 Billybob retired to work on more educational programs and Spike Hike took over for him. That same month rsnail, Gizmo, and Screenhog were invited to Club Penguin Headquarters for a party. They also made in-game appearances for the first time in years.

2013 has been the year of Disney, as 4 parties were sponsored by Disney and had no reason to really exist except for advertisements. Disney also has been advertising Club Penguin more and more animated shorts have been released. As we go onto 8 years of Club Penguin, who knows what will be next. More Parties? More room Designs? A game that will not make my computer crash if I go on a 2 bar or more server?

Room Evolutions

When released 8 years ago, Club Penguin was incomplete. The ideas rsnail had in mind included Ninjas, Pirates and Spies. As such Club Penguin was an incomplete game. There have been 3 ears of the game, each one having a unique art design and ideas. The first era was from 2005 to about 2007. During this time it was the beta look. The dojo was a mystery. Sports Shop was alive. The Beach, Cove, and Forest were closed off. The second generation went from 2007-2012 and connected places more. Designs got cleaned up and more rooms open. Ninjas came to be and the stadium came alive. The underground expanded from a boiler room to a full underground. The Journey updated everything. Rooms got HD looks, more colors and details were added. The recycling Plant and Ninja Hideout were removed, and the game became more kid friendly. Friends and Chat were updated.

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Why World War VII is probably going to be the Final War

KLONDIKE, CPAC Philosophy Corner –The New Year has started, break is ending and we are starting off 2015 with a War to end all Wars. A war between two armies that are two sides of the same messed coin. On one side we have the Not-Black-Alliance, also known as the Resistance. An alliance made up of the Nachos, Light Troops and Golds with Doritos, Night Warriors and SWAT returning from the dead to attempt to assist in the war. On the other side of this conflict we have the Grand Alliance spearheaded by the Dark Warriors and involving the Ice Warriors, Water Vikings, Chaos, RPF, Takis and the Army of Club Penguin. This isn’t anything that new if someone has been around the community for a couple years, as there seems to be an annual battle between the armies of “Good” and the armies of “Evil,” usually to topple the good guys from the top of the Top Ten. This war is for a vastly different cause, and it is even more corrupt, immoral, and downright cruel then the infamous Black Alliance War of late 2012/Early 2013.

It is because of the fact this is worse than the BA war, I personally fear for the future of this community. This is not a war to knock the Dark Warriors off their high horse because they have been first nearly consistently since June. This is a hate-filled war to destroy each other for the various crimes against both parties have committed not just to each other, but to the community as a whole. And this would be one thing if it was just a Dark Warriors versus Light Troops war. They both run the top ten with the most recent one having them being .18 points apart. But because they have involved over half of the significant community, they have started to push for the inevitable death this community is already too close to.

The main reasoning for this war is to eliminate either the top armies, if you are in the Resistance, or remove the “corrupt, inept and evil leaders” if you are in the Grand Alliance. This right here is a big issue, and why I fear for our future. Challenging the top armies and having war is good. It keeps this community alive, and gives troops reasons to fight. What is not good is when in war comparing other armies to Nazis, Terrorists, and all sorts of criminal scum. It isn’t cool, it isn’t even remotely funny. If we were comparing our enemies to mafia bosses or people that are not truly evil then it would be more tolerable. Comparing the enemy leader to Adolf Hitler is pathetic. The man was responsible for a genocide that still has not recovered 70 years later. I doubt that any of our current leaders have enough hate or political reach to achieve what Hitler did. We may have a lot of leaders who have nasty enough attitudes to question it, but they cannot commit a massacre of an entire race of penguins, no matter how hard they try.

What many of these leaders are able to do is perform illegal activities to get themselves ahead, or call wolf to get out of battle. That is the big reason for the war besides trying to get the top ten. Both the Dark Warriors and the Light troops have accused each other of attacking each other with DDoS attacks, Botting battles, and other general crimes according to the general populace of armies. Both of which are immature, and sets a poor example for future generations of troops. The sad part is that one army has been confirmed to commit the crime, and play dumb when confronted by others. The other army has been suspected for foul play, but has yet to be fully examined and/or caught to either confirm or deny the accusations.

The main reason I think this war is going to be our final war is that with the exception of the top two armies, barely any army can even get a score of 70 on the CPAC top ten. There have been no real fun wars, and all wars have been either fought with Apathy from both sides, or fought with hatred from both sides. Even if armies would fight, it would end up a war of ties, ending with a treaty that would rectify all progress in the war null and void, the inability to fight each other for 6 months without fear of losing servers, and an inevitable the drop of both armies because for the next 6 months, it is a literally a “my dick is bigger than you dick” argument between a couple of frustrated teenagers that can’t get any and can only feel important on a kids game because all they are good at is pushing “E+P” or some shit like that. War in 2014 is an argument, and that is it. There are no battles, and if there are, the leaders will come up with every amount of bullshit they pull from their rectums to claim victory even if it was a clear loss.

It doesn’t help that in those month breaks from treaties, the army only does training and demands 6+ hours of autotyping a day to keep rank. It shows how apathetic most of us are. The Mighty ACP, the protectors of all things good, is content with sizes of 15. They are content with mediocrity, same with Nachos, same with RPF and same thing with most armies. The two largest armies are newer, and kicking everyone else’s ass because they are not content with piss-poor sizes. They WANT to be big, they want to be big because it gives them first, and getting first makes them feel special. It lets them brag about how much better they are then you. It lets the egos loose even though they should not be loose at all. It lets 3 people brag while everyone else doesn’t give a shit, don’t want to do anything except talk and that’s it. And the ones that are not sitting on their fat asses are liars, cheats and hypocrites condemning the very things that members of their armies do. You hate bullies? You don’t stop them by being a bully back. That works in real life, not on a kid’s game. Are you afraid to fight in war because it will hurt your size? Too freaking bad, if troops leave because you are losing, then who cares, they are not loyal and will not amount to much in 2015. The ones that stay are your loyal ones, the ones that will follow you or your army.

Now this is my request to the Army Community for 2015, though I know it will fall on deaf ears. I want leaders to stop hiring people to mid-high ranks, make them work for the promotion, don’t just hand it away for no reason. It keeps troops more loyal. Increase the amount of role-play in your armies, that is why the Dark Warriors and Light troops are thriving because despite how boring it may be, they do role-play. Drop the autotyping; it is killing us because troops are not interested in autotypers. They cannot get answers from a bot, now can they? They want to talk to a real person; they want to know about armies. Besides manual recruiting draws larger crowds, especially if you are doing something fun. Autotyping is the equivalent to Steroids for sports players, it ain’t good for your army and recruiting has became ten times harder because of the overuse of it. Also stop taking war too damn seriously, if you outright have troops hating each other, you are doing something wrong. Aggression is one thing but full hatred is another thing. You should at most dislike your enemy, but not hate him. Respect your enemy, and eventually it will turn from enemies to rivals, and become more positively competitive instead of negatively competitive. This is the next generation of armies coming up, don’t fuck up because all of us geezers have stated we are not saving your sorry asses this time.

Tap Dancer36

CPAC Geezer

Why Legends Suck

These guys are the best of the best in the eyes of the public. The heroes, the ones that did the impossible, and want to know what I think? They all suck. Every single one of them suck these days.


To the haters.

Ok, Now I this is sad. Armies creating their own news sites because they don’t like CPAC’s top ten. Raging because they are not number 1, making CPAC look like the bad guys of armies and the reason armies are going down the shitter. I find this pathetic. You know what you guys sound like? Waterkid when CPAC posted that the war to destroy ACP was a waste of time or when CPAC posted that a white alliance army won a battle. We are here not report the news, some of our reporters are more biased then others when it comes to battles but all of us on here agree more or less you guys are acting like rotten children. All of you are reliant on CPAC for your egos and for army morale, we make the top ten, you go up, you get happy, you go down, you bitch, say CPAC is killing armies, and act like a little kid. What will making a new news site do? Make it seem like your army is best and the rest are bad. Same thing happened with previous competitors making their army number one and their enemy off the top ten. Biased reports that their army of 5 beat an army of 20. This is getting fucking ridiculous. We’ve been pretty good the past year of staying neutral unless threatened, but right now all this fucking bullshit will get us no where. Anti-CPAC protests, what is your problem? We made you second when our score gives you a lower number? We have tournaments so the lazy armies can fight and it costs you recruits? You guys are pathetic, and the more you do it, the more likely we’ll not be as friendly to you guys.

Why I should be nominated for Legend.

See, I didn’t go all stereotypical and say I should be a legend, all I stated is that I should at least be looked at for being a legend.

What I have done in armies, is nothing compared to Boomer, Person, Dialga and the others. What I did, was made people think. In a time when People were blindly loyal to their leaders and their leaders only cared about destruction, I was able to get people to think. I made philosophy posts, Exposed obvious flaws in the plans of the Black and White alliances. I was no Shab or Riot when it came to posting, but when I did post, people read it.

Another thing I did was that I challenged Army rights with Council Rights. I tested the very ideal of the council and what power it could hold. It may have destroyed the council, but it created reforms and proposed ideas for the next generation. Though many people are against me, it is due to the fact they can’t bully me into submission and I have proposed bills to remove them from armies. Some of the stuff I have done would be looked at as very treasonous and something that would make people worry, but I have no qualms of having to betray someone for the better of the army or for armies in general. One last thing I will pull up for my cause, is the fact that If Waterkid100 can be nominated for Army Legend, then god dammit I should be able to as well.

Reposted: Removal of Waterkid100 and Lord Pain from armies

For all of you wondering how I am on this site I will say it now. I am Tap Dancer36, Leader of GT and former Leader and Legend of both the Purple Heads and the Watex Warriors. I was asked by Boomer if I was interested in becoming a Co-Head of the army council and I accepted obviously. I plan on trying to get the council more public and let the Average Joe suggest more things instead of major army leaders. Say hello to the new Co-head of the Army Council, Tap Dancer36, Hell’s Best. Over the past several months in this war, we have had 2 prominent figures with one goal, and one goal only. Their names are Waterkid100 and Lord Pain. Their goal is the elimination of ACP and their allies. They believe that this feat is not only possible but beneficiary to what they call “the new order.” This order would put BA armies at the very top with massive numbers and leave the rest of armies that were neutral or in the variety of alliances to combat the Black alliance either dead, or enslaved by the BA. These two figures have done nothing to armies the past several months except lead them to damnation. As it is, army sizes are smaller overall now than one year ago. They have also been bringing down armies with the constant events and much hatred. Another thing these two are well known for are their rages, idiocy, and ignorance when it comes to anyone outside of themselves. Never in the days when armies were doing well did we have massive accounts of threatening small armies with camps or saying the enemy is a Jew army which must be gasped. Also not once did we call an army supporters of the KKK due to their costumes and a rookie troop saying bad derogatory stuff about other races. Hell the only thing I ever did see that was a potentially offensive propaganda technique was the accusations of Spice Ice being a Nazi. The stuff that has been said by these two have been deemed by the many as morally offensive and has been one of the reasons for the formation of the White Alliance, which now that I think about it can be judged as a white supremest gang name. These two need to be removed from armies before we can have a chance at peace so we can rebuild. The ceasefire in December allowed for armies to get large and they still could battle each other without much hatred in the CPAC tournament. As long as these two hold any power in any army, they will continue to attempt to destroy ACP and not give any army time to rebuild, BA, WA or neutral. The Proposed terms are as followed

  1. Waterkid100 and Lord Pain are not permitted to hold a leadership rank in any army that wishes to be part of the Club Penguin Army Community
  2. Any army that permits either of the two in it as a rank is to be ignored and/or attacked.
  3. Waterkid100 and Lord Pain are to be banned on any chat related to CPAC or the Council and are to be blacklisted from both the CPAC and Council websites
  4. This proposal will go into effect if it is agreed upon by a 2/3 majority of Council Armies

Major Army leaders that agree to the terms of the Law please sign here.

Tap Dancer36, Co-head of the Council and hell’s best.

Tap Rant: Secret Invasions

Ok, so we got some things going on about people complaining about secret invasions. I don’t get the deal with it. I do think they should be posted 24 hours in advance. They shouldn’t be the first invasions in war because really, I’ve seen these invasions be useful. They are sneak attacks, and in my eyes a sneak attack can be just as effective as a full assault. The only invasions that should be posted on the enemies site would be the invasions associated with the declaration of war. Armies shouldn’t have to wait for their enemies to make a comment saying they are invading this server at this time. In real war we don’t. In real war we have spies who find info for us, and since these invasions will be listed on the army’s website, doesn’t that mean it would be real easy to go to the link in the comment, go to the website, and BAM all posts that are public, which all invasion posts should be, and you can look at all the posts. And know what? If you are smart, you would skim through the posts and click on the ones with a “Read more” button to make sure your enemy is not hiding their invasions. Nachos got away with it easily because let’s be honest, ACP back in the day hade pride and vanity, they got pissed off when someone managed to get a fast one, probably threw some rather colorful language, and eventually got over it and said that the invasions were pretty smart. Now if any army uses secret invasions, it is deemed illegal because of the council rules.

Clause 3: 24 Hour Rule

All invasions must be scheduled and visibly posted on the invading army’s website at least 24 hours before the invasion is to take place. Battle times and locations may not be changed within 24 hours unless a further 24 hours are provided, or unless both armies agree to the change. Allies must provide 24 hours notice of invasions as well in order to participate in the battle.

Ok, look at that. It must be “scheduled and visibly posted on the invading army’s website at least 24 hours before the invasion.” Excuse me, but wouldn’t a secret invasion like the one AR did. I checked it and yeah, it does mean having to probe a little more into AR site, the times are posted publicly 24+ hours before invasion, thus according to Clause 3, it is legal. If you are in a war, and someone made a post like “Where did YOUR penguin name come from?” wouldn’t it be kinda Fishy? Also the fact they used white text didn’t conceal it completely and unless you are blind, which I bet Ioio is, than wouldn’t you notice the white text over the colored parts of AR site?

Clause 4: Invasion Notification Rule

Non-Council Armies or Non-Major Armies must notify leaders of the defending army of their scheduled invasion at least 12 hours in advance of the battle in order to assure they have seen the post and can respond accordingly. Evidence of this dialogue is suggested to clarify any subsequent disagreements.

This shouldn’t exist, want to know why? Because this means war has begun usually. The only modern exception I have seen would be Pirates attempting to reclaim land they lost in the war with ACP. Maybe I should rewrite this law.

Clause 4: Invasion War Notification Rule

All armies must notify the defending army of War at the very latest 12 hours before the first invasion so the defending army can prepare and respond accordingly. If an invasion is made of another army’s land and war is not in place, than the army must notify the defending army at least 12 hours in advance so the defending army can prepare and respond accordingly.

There we go, that looks nicer. I think I left out all the loopholes that will prevent people from abusing this. Now I probably have gone on enough about this, but give it time and I will be back with more to rant about.