Reposted: Removal of Waterkid100 and Lord Pain from armies

For all of you wondering how I am on this site I will say it now. I am Tap Dancer36, Leader of GT and former Leader and Legend of both the Purple Heads and the Watex Warriors. I was asked by Boomer if I was interested in becoming a Co-Head of the army council and I accepted obviously. I plan on trying to get the council more public and let the Average Joe suggest more things instead of major army leaders. Say hello to the new Co-head of the Army Council, Tap Dancer36, Hell’s Best. Over the past several months in this war, we have had 2 prominent figures with one goal, and one goal only. Their names are Waterkid100 and Lord Pain. Their goal is the elimination of ACP and their allies. They believe that this feat is not only possible but beneficiary to what they call “the new order.” This order would put BA armies at the very top with massive numbers and leave the rest of armies that were neutral or in the variety of alliances to combat the Black alliance either dead, or enslaved by the BA. These two figures have done nothing to armies the past several months except lead them to damnation. As it is, army sizes are smaller overall now than one year ago. They have also been bringing down armies with the constant events and much hatred. Another thing these two are well known for are their rages, idiocy, and ignorance when it comes to anyone outside of themselves. Never in the days when armies were doing well did we have massive accounts of threatening small armies with camps or saying the enemy is a Jew army which must be gasped. Also not once did we call an army supporters of the KKK due to their costumes and a rookie troop saying bad derogatory stuff about other races. Hell the only thing I ever did see that was a potentially offensive propaganda technique was the accusations of Spice Ice being a Nazi. The stuff that has been said by these two have been deemed by the many as morally offensive and has been one of the reasons for the formation of the White Alliance, which now that I think about it can be judged as a white supremest gang name. These two need to be removed from armies before we can have a chance at peace so we can rebuild. The ceasefire in December allowed for armies to get large and they still could battle each other without much hatred in the CPAC tournament. As long as these two hold any power in any army, they will continue to attempt to destroy ACP and not give any army time to rebuild, BA, WA or neutral. The Proposed terms are as followed

  1. Waterkid100 and Lord Pain are not permitted to hold a leadership rank in any army that wishes to be part of the Club Penguin Army Community
  2. Any army that permits either of the two in it as a rank is to be ignored and/or attacked.
  3. Waterkid100 and Lord Pain are to be banned on any chat related to CPAC or the Council and are to be blacklisted from both the CPAC and Council websites
  4. This proposal will go into effect if it is agreed upon by a 2/3 majority of Council Armies

Major Army leaders that agree to the terms of the Law please sign here.

Tap Dancer36, Co-head of the Council and hell’s best.

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