Why I should be nominated for Legend.

See, I didn’t go all stereotypical and say I should be a legend, all I stated is that I should at least be looked at for being a legend.

What I have done in armies, is nothing compared to Boomer, Person, Dialga and the others. What I did, was made people think. In a time when People were blindly loyal to their leaders and their leaders only cared about destruction, I was able to get people to think. I made philosophy posts, Exposed obvious flaws in the plans of the Black and White alliances. I was no Shab or Riot when it came to posting, but when I did post, people read it.

Another thing I did was that I challenged Army rights with Council Rights. I tested the very ideal of the council and what power it could hold. It may have destroyed the council, but it created reforms and proposed ideas for the next generation. Though many people are against me, it is due to the fact they can’t bully me into submission and I have proposed bills to remove them from armies. Some of the stuff I have done would be looked at as very treasonous and something that would make people worry, but I have no qualms of having to betray someone for the better of the army or for armies in general. One last thing I will pull up for my cause, is the fact that If Waterkid100 can be nominated for Army Legend, then god dammit I should be able to as well.

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