To the haters.

Ok, Now I this is sad. Armies creating their own news sites because they don’t like CPAC’s top ten. Raging because they are not number 1, making CPAC look like the bad guys of armies and the reason armies are going down the shitter. I find this pathetic. You know what you guys sound like? Waterkid when CPAC posted that the war to destroy ACP was a waste of time or when CPAC posted that a white alliance army won a battle. We are here not report the news, some of our reporters are more biased then others when it comes to battles but all of us on here agree more or less you guys are acting like rotten children. All of you are reliant on CPAC for your egos and for army morale, we make the top ten, you go up, you get happy, you go down, you bitch, say CPAC is killing armies, and act like a little kid. What will making a new news site do? Make it seem like your army is best and the rest are bad. Same thing happened with previous competitors making their army number one and their enemy off the top ten. Biased reports that their army of 5 beat an army of 20. This is getting fucking ridiculous. We’ve been pretty good the past year of staying neutral unless threatened, but right now all this fucking bullshit will get us no where. Anti-CPAC protests, what is your problem? We made you second when our score gives you a lower number? We have tournaments so the lazy armies can fight and it costs you recruits? You guys are pathetic, and the more you do it, the more likely we’ll not be as friendly to you guys.

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