Why Legends Suck

These guys are the best of the best in the eyes of the public. The heroes, the ones that did the impossible, and want to know what I think? They all suck. Every single one of them suck these days.

Legend, Noun

  1. a popular story handed down from earlier times whose truth has not been ascertained
  2. a group of such stories: the Arthurian legend
  3. a modern story that has taken on the characteristics of a traditional legendary tale
  4. a person whose fame or notoriety makes him a source of exaggerated or romanticized tales or exploits
  5. an inscription or title, as on a coin or beneath a coat of arms
  6. explanatory matter accompanying a table, map, chart, etc
  7. a story of the life of a saint

Yep, there we go, The definition of the word Legend. Our version of Legend goes hand in hand with number 4, A person whose actions have made him/her a source of tales. But we are not here to describe why our legends are legends. It is common knowledge that they helped make armies the way they are. I am talking about why these legends, our creators and revolutionaries, are horrible in the modern day. As advisers, philosophers and guides to help establish armies they are good, but when they return from retirement usually they bring a mix of good and bad.

The good that legends bring to their armies is their notoriety. These guys are old and usually haven’t been seen in a while, and when they come on the army gets larger just so they can see them and hear their thoughts. Kind of like how when the Pope travels around he has a crowd of followers hoping to see him.

Here is the issue. Most legends are still in the mindset of their glory days. The idea that things work just how they did back in 2007. That recruiting on Club Penguin works without being booted, chats are not needed, everyone loved playing Club Penguin 24/7. Their mentality is of the impossible for the modern army. We don’t recruit on club penguin because our phrases are blocked. The Cheat Chats are dead unless a party is occurring or a mascot is in town, and the active ones usually do not like armies and ban us when we come on. The old ways do not work anymore, and these geezers whom have been away from armies for 5-6 years without checking in have no idea what works well and what doesn’t.

But wait, what about Modern Legends? People such as Tan, A, SaW, Icey and Puck. These guys here retired or are retiring very soon. They don’t fall into the category of “Geezer” because they have lead recently. I don’t see them returning very soon if at all and they don’t really care so much. They got Legend, Whoop-Dee-Dew. They don’t give two shits because they are busy with their own things.

Now for all those people out there who try to get legend, why bother. Legend is the ultimate last step and by the time you get legend, you’re done. There is nothing more to do in armies because you did it all. You got legend so what can you do next? Destroy ACP, nope that will get people mad and they will revoke your legendship. Lead a major army? Sure go for it, risk it all, piss off the people and have them revoke you. You are done, It is not permanent these days as every few months we have a vote on who should and shouldn’t be legend. I’ll try to get it, but when I do it won’t matter because I will never know, and be retired. Do you think Fever, Collin, Omega or Dialga know or care about being legends? Probably not because they are long gone and never viewed site I bet because it came after they left.

Some words of advice to clear this up. Being a Legend is not special, It means you did something People will remember. If true then every major army leader is a Legend for either the good or bad they have done, and when everyone is a legend, No one is.

-Tap Dancer36

P.S. For those wondering about my Star Wars post, I am waiting until everything is playable before working on it.

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