My Response to the Defacing of GT

So you lot are wondering why I did it? Pretty obvious really. Shows how good of a leader Pain is when he made no preparations against me. I stated on main when a couple people were there including Pain that I was leaking info and would probably hit site soon. He did nothing to prepare GT because he thought I was an idiot for saying my plan right in the open. I followed the code the old members of GT followed. Do what is best for GT at any cost. Pain is a horrid idea for GT, and it was either petition to remove pain and get no where while Jerry continued getting his dick sucked, or drastic measures. I Have no regrets being removed from GT because as your Lord says, my jobs were get on CP and Obey the Leaders blindly. Following one blindly has gotten me knee deep in shit several times so I wasn’t gonna put up with that. All Pain has is fear and an ego the size of New York City.

Now here is the thing about the leaders of GT now. Jerry went from building a strong connection to keep GT together, to wanting power and power only. As he stated, ” Fuck that. I’m tired of Family. Family gets overridden and destroyed.”

Rio is too damn old and hasn’t been active enough to see how things are, he is blind and unskilled for work in modern armies. His presence is the thing that keeps his armies going and the fact he blew off any warnings shows he is as blind as the rest of them.

Ganger is better than last time he lead GT, he learned from his fuck ups and is tiring from Pain. But it seems like he is too feeble and weak to do anything to help rid GT of the corruption.

Beast has been shoved aside and is just there for the vote. He has nothing to do and has already been put on Pain’s ignore list. Because Beast won’t follow pain blindly, he is just a face in the crowd and has nothing.

Pain I won’t even try talking about because anyone with half a brain that has served under him knows of his abusiveness. What other people call teasing is Pain using fear to get his way in everything. Need proof?

Now about the fact that a Certain person has called me worse than Pain, I must say this. Rio, You never had to deal with pain alone in a chat when he has power. He told me he is happy he got rid of me finally and that GT will prosper under his hand. I never went out of my way to abuse people and make death threats to get my way. I have been, and always will be for the troops. If you have an issue with the fact I’d rather keep troops and train them to think than recruit new troops after my old ones leave from fear and hatred of me, then you sir have no idea what leading is. Past couple months I’ve been leading another organization, Armies teach you how to debate. You have a huge number of people you can pull from if you loose them. This organization I lead has a small pool of people. If I was to go around being a total asshole to get my way, I’d have not a single person interested in Joining the Robotics Team I am captain of.

Attacking the site was needed. It has began stirring the troops. People are standing up against the dictator that you for some reason have permitted back in GT after a group of leaders agreed he was to be removed and banished from GT for good. You now have my end of the story. I lost nothing in this except an owner rank n GT where I was being treated like shit. I would more likely pick a mod or even a member rank in an army that at least treated people well than owner in an army where ranks don’t matter, You are either the King, or a bunch of peasants who obey the king.


So, you lot figured it out. Wish to know what I have to say? Checkmate. You lot are not intelligent to see beyond your blinded vision. All too old and you to realize what is going on. Many powerful members of the army community wish to join GT, but they will n

Opinions from the Rebel

Well for anyone who even checks this blog out, I have concerns about the ideas of Jerry. Not that he is a bad leader, but Ganger is a bit insane and I expect the current army he is in to have a change of leadership from a dictatorship to a DICK-tatorship. Now for Serc and Maria. The bullshit has to end. no way around it ever since you two began dating Serc has been moodier, grouchier, and slacking duties. Gistha, Get Active. Boof good job on being active in GT, but keep an eye on CPST. Nic, get active too, If you can get active you’ll be leading again. Cas, I will try to keep my promise to not rebel but it is hard when the army is split in half. THE 4IC’S need to get active and same with every other damn troop. I am tired of GT rising then getting into shit and dying, it has happened a couple times in GT, and I attempted to stop it but got fired in the process.

The fucking BA vs FA/OABYA

GT is done with this war. We don’t care about it. kthnkbai


Title says all, I am going into hiding from armies for a couple weeks so the unions don’t attack LT. If they do, I get the blame for hacking and thus GT gets blamed for hacking. We will end up like DCP and be killed, thus merging again and this time dying. I will be on GT site via iPAQ and will return when this ends so the unions don’t attack. Golden Troops don’t surrender or else me and the other’s won’t have a chat to return to. I may start anew but i am in hiding until we end this war.

The Gold shall be feared still.

What Has Happened?/active count/War Proposal

Troops, I want to know what is going on. GT has went from 15+ everyday to 5 if lucky on everyday. We need something and soon. Ganger is resorting to his old self and Sercan and Rio have designed events. Jerry is missing (probably playing crossfire like normal) and needs to coment on this post. You troops, need to get the hell on chat or GT is dead. I am begging for you guys to help restore GT back into hell where we belong. We are having an active count.

Owners have one day to comment or probation

Mods have 2 days to comment or demotion

Members have 3 days to comment or removal from ranks

Also I am proposing war with one of three armies: Tacos, UMA, or TG. This is not out of hatred but for fun and be honest, we need wars soon or we will become slobs.

Fear The Gold, Tap Dancer36

Good Bye Tap Dancer36

My time has come to retire, you may be wondering why now, it is due to school. I am 14 and last year i almost failed 9th grade, i had laughs with all of ya in GT, IW, WW and SFCP, along with my early days, so i will like to thank some people.

Early years

Dddd, you were my best bud for the first six months, hope you are ok

Skittle and Gumball, we started CPC (confederacy of club penguin), got recruits and lost them all in 2 hours

Ledzepplin, where are you bud? We made Penguin soup (a CP band) and got recruits and overpowered nachos


My first army, i dont remember the early birds so i will give thanks to the current leader, Lje. Good job on the owner status, alot better than being a noob


The ice warriors, an odd case considering i was fired from them.

Icey, treated me fairly for my first couple of months

Gill, disrespected me but turned out ok

Indigoflare, IGF6 failed, but you are doing well


Godplaya, you were cool


mrchips10, get the army back up dude


Ganger, best leader of GT

Rio, bring us back up

Tristan, be a good girl

Kayne, stop being a runescape noob

Lotus, behave

Sora, go suck tape’s dick

Jerry, dont rebel again

Cheeze, lead gt to victory

Sercan, you are powerful in the force, but we never best each other, jedi

Nat, try behaving

Surf, my aprentice

Homser, another aprentice

8rockhopper1: Stay Rogue, dont join armies, you will lead soon enough

Lopii, where are you and dont coment under the line, JK

Wenny, no more horny hour

I’m sorry if you are sad i didnt mention you, but these people i remember best. May hell be unleashed in further victories and i will visit again on my birthday. GT, i may check in later this month and i will check in on 10/24